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We are exclusively dedicated to the selection of Engineers and Technicians, as we are specialists in the area.
For many of our clients, we have become their exclusive Engineering and Technical personnel provider, giving
them an authentic added value.
Our service stands out by a correct understanding of the client on a long-term basis and a confidential cooperation.
Our aim is to attain a true alliance with the customer. Our consultant in charge, together with the client, guarantees
that our services are provided in a flexible and reliable way. We carry out a continuous monitoring of customer satisfaction
and service quality.

Engineers for projects,

Calculations, organization, consulting, layout, design or other specific tasks.

We have developed a new, more economical system for companies in both short and long term, that resolves the dilemma of finding the right engineer quickly
It is also ideal for companies that cannot increase fixed costs by maintaining such a high salary, but which demand the best nonetheless.
Over 90% of engineers recruited for this type of work is currently an in-house employee, a freelancer or might even be retired.

This type of job offers are not published, they are sent directly and selectively to our database, which has a lot of very talented and experienced engineers. Also we give priority to those who have successfully completed an assignment under this modality.
Email us to learn more about this modality: [email protected] .

We cover all industries

Our experience in various industries gives us confidence to meet requirements in areas such as: Food, Energy, Pharmaceutical, Laboratories, Logistics, Maintenance, Mechanical, Metalwork, Oil & Gas and Chemical, among others.
We use all possible tools so that candidates do not travel unnecessarily to interviews that do not require it, or when the time or distances make this impossible.
Relocation Support
We have experience in recruitment for jobs that require changing city.
Do not hesitate to expand the possibilities of getting the desired job or the employee you really need.

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